Medical Billing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Doctors are really hurting from getting pay late; Zee medical billing company makes things easier for doctors office. Outsourcing your medical billing to ZMB will save your time and money and you will also get quality services. We eliminate administrative duties for your providers and office staff so that more time is available for patient care and clinical practice. Outsourcing your medical billing to ZMB will reduce billing errors compared to in house billing which will increase your cash follow. Billing service cost less than staff because our sole focus is on billing.

We are detail-oriented, which is essential for proper billing practices. We call insurance companies on a continual basis to see where your money is! We constantly strive to meet the high-performance goals we have set for ourselves. We are flexible and we adopt a process as per our clients need. We charge a percentage of revenue which allows a client to pay based on what you earn compared to fix salary to in house billing staff.

ZMB team is capable of working on any medical billing software you are currently using or you want to use.

ZEE Medical Billing receives patient data over HIPPA compliant secure file transfer protocol (sFTP) channel. We’ll set up and guide you further during the onboarding process.

ZMB will guide your staff about the information we require for submission of claims and how to get information from the patients of your practice.

Yes, ZMB handles patient billing inquiries.

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