Mental Health Billing Services

Mental Health Billing Services

The financial viability of your mental health clinic depends directly on timely billing and revenue generation. We have years of experience providing mental health billing services. 

Outsourcing your billing service to a credible and experienced firm is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your practice’s commercial aspect. Your mental health billing company must be experienced with mental health billing and modifier’s complexities. Then why not let Zee Medical billing provide you with the financial protection and peace of mind you need. It would be best if you visited our website’s homepage for more information about our services, references, and other important information about our mental health billing services, and much more.

Mental Health Billing Specialists 

Mental health professionals provide a wide range of mental health services to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Since these services are often supplied across the country at different places, the diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions vary by state and payment rules. Therefore, medical billing is unique for every case, and it is often complicated for mental health professionals. 

So, we can say that accurate mental health billing requires trained and experienced staff to ensure that patients and payers are billed correctly and reimbursed on time.

At Zee Medical Billing Services, we provide medical billing support to mental and behavioral health providers, including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, counselors, group therapists, and more.

We work with doctors, hospitals, and clinics across the country, managing every aspect of billing, from calculating limits for outpatient mental health services to accessing documentation guidelines. Dozens of satisfied customers can confirm the success of our billing service.


What do We offer?

At Zee Medical Billing Services, we know how to effectively improve patient fees and insurance without pressuring your administration team. We offer simple web access to your team to get an overview of financial statistics so you can be sure of our services’ transparency. We provide the following solutions for mental health billing services:

  • Help In Processing Claims

To ensure successful documentation and if your patients are authorized before submitting a claim to the insurance provider, we provide data from the insurance information and patient statistics. We record your revenue cycle, book reports, and other KPIs to ensure smooth billing. We assist in filing secondary claims and automatic crossovers.

  • Payment Posting

For mental health billing services, posting payments is an essential process in which we track charges invoiced due to your counseling and psychological processing practice. Once we receive money from patients and insurers, it is used to resolve your medical billing system claims. Our Paid Mailing Solutions include leaks (if any) to ensure that every collection is tracked without breach. All payment details are stored in the document management system for future use.

  • Prosecution and appeal

If your payment is delayed or is less than the invoiced amount, we look to insurance companies for advice on the status of claims and an appeal for low wages (if applicable). We can help you stay informed at every step of the mental health billing process, so you don’t have to worry about getting your bill covered.

  • Proof of benefits

Before meeting with a psychiatrist, we contact insurance companies and offer a portfolio of patients to determine which part of the treatment is available and which is not. A complete list of benefits is shared with mental health providers to create an individualized care plan for the patient. It will communicate details such as out-of-pocket expenses, deductible qualifications, annual attendance restrictions, and authentication restrictions to the patient before the examination.

  • Patient Billing

We are responsible for sending invoices by email or direct mail. If your patient has any questions about billing and patient billing, we will open our phone lines for personal communication. Standard payment reminders are sent to late payers and non-payers who request a debt from a licensed collection agency, which we mentioned with your consent.

  • Management of Digital Data

We provide this service exclusively to mental healthcare providers who wish to take a closer look at all unpaid claims, balances, and financial reports by using our system anytime, anywhere. If you have a tight schedule to skim through emails or inquire at the billing office, we can provide secure access to our online system through which you can track all the KPI in a single view.

  • Practice Management Assistance

We offer a complete solution that includes credit card processing, appointment settings, payment processing portal, sending appointment reminders, and more. We offer a variety of solutions that can customize to suit your practice needs.

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