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A New Practice?

ZMB can help support your practice, here’s how. The most crucial procedures in medical practice, aside from clinical services, are medical billing and revenue cycle management. Complete revenue cycle management is challenging and requires the knowledge of experts who are familiar with the specialty: insurance laws and regulations, state-specific regulations, and other elements that may have an impact on the practice’s bottom line.

While maximizing your income, improving workflows, and operating as effectively as possible ZMB aims to get you reimbursed for all your medical services. With our 99% average clean claim first-pass rate and proven billing methods, ZMB assists you in increasing your profitability. 

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A complete solution from submitting the first application of credentialing till getting the payment of a last claim

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Specialties We Deal

ZMB has been providing services to more than 25 different specialties across the United States for more than a decade. For every specialization, we have Account Managers that are knowledgeable and experienced to assure the clients’ requirements are met. To make the process of submitting claims more effective and efficient, we maintain a thorough framework of data, records and best practices for the relevant specialty.

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