Urgent Care Billing Services

Urgent Care Billing Services

At Zee Medical Billing Service, we are well equipped to meet the specific needs of urgent care providers. Our certified coders and billing experts team has in-depth knowledge and understanding to ensure better revenue management, higher reimbursements and  improved cash flow

What Zee Medical Billing Services Do

Our services comprise comprehensive billing, collections and practice management for urgent care providers. We help you with:

  • evaluation of your business and accounts receivables
  • Complete account receivables management
  • urgent care procedures Coding
  • Code variations linked to multiple procedure rules
  • electronic claims processing
  • Coding updates
  • Handling all billing calls

Benefits of Choosing Zee Medical Billing Services


Fast, on-time reimbursement

We ensure correct claim submission as our certified coders understand the complexities and importance of correct coding.

Financial security:

Accelerated reimbursements and payments improve your cash flow and cut down wait times.

Peace of mind:

Our electronic claims submissions mean that you always have transparency throughout the revenue cycle.

Individual attention:

Every account receives dedicated and personalized care from our expert team.

24/7 Service:

We give you 24/7 access to your patient data and financial information.

Our Urgent Care Coding Expertise

At Zee Medical Billing Service, we are providing you with the best staff to meet your urgent care billing needs. Our billing and coding experts maintain ongoing training to ensure that they are up to date on the latest changes in urgent care codes and payer requirements

We guarantee that the claims we submit are accurate in order to have the fastest reimbursement for your business. Our billers and coders are experts in:

  • Complex urgent care billing codes
  • Urgent care related terminology
  • Office and operative notes
  • Coding for urgent care procedures
  • Code variations related to multiple procedure rules

Efficient, Effective Urgent Care Billing

Our billing services are designed to make your life easier. We’re capable of performing all your billing responsibilities efficiently, giving you more time to focus on providing good care. We can make your business more profitable no matter what is the size of your practice or hospital.

We consistently achieve adjustment rates that are higher than the industry average due to the knowledge, skills, and dedicated follow-up processes utilized by our staff. And payments can be received in as early as ten days.

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